Renew: Tips for best performance

Four recommendations to keep your Renew working the best for your space.

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Keep it clean

Keeping your Renew clean ensures that it performs at its best and looks good doing it.

  • Unplug Renew before cleaning

  • Wipe the outside of the unit with a clean, dry cloth.

  • Clean the front cover with a vacuum at a very low speed and using a gentle attachment.

  • Clean the mesh prefilter gently with water. Use a handheld shower attachment or submerge the filter in water, gently moving it back and forth.

  • Let the mesh prefilter dry completely before putting it back in. Moisture can increase the risk of mold growing inside the unit.

Ensure optimal airflow

Renew draws air in through the textile front cover and out through the grill next to the control panel. For optimal performance, you should keep at least 8 inches (20 cm) clear around both of these surfaces.

Next to the strap, you’ll find the Airthings Sensor System. This is where Renew is continuously measuring the air quality so, it’s important that it has free airflow around it and that it is directed towards a wall or other obstruction.

Connect the Airthings app

There are several added benefits of using the Airthings app with your Renew.

  • Consult your air quality trends using dynamic graphs for better understanding.

  • Enable notifications to alert you when air quality declines.

  • Operate Renew remotely, set Child Lock, put Renew on Standby, and control fan speeds.

  • Check remaining filter life.

Moving forward, we will continue updating the Airthings app with new features to enhance your experience with Renew.

Read more about connecting the app in Connecting Renew to your WiFi network.

Keep Renew plugged in

You can stop Renew from running it's fan by putting it in Standby, but we encourage you to keep Renew plugged in. Why? Because when you unplug Renew, two things happen:

  • The Airthings Sensor System stops measuring your air quality.

  • Renew disconnects from your WiFi network and you will lose the ability to control it using the Airthings app.

By keeping Renew plugged in, it continues to work as an air quality monitor and you will be able to track the changes in your air and spot trends. This can help you identify sources of poor air quality so you can eliminate or minimize them.

When plugged in, Renew stays connected to your WiFi network so that, wherever you are, you can check Renew’s status, turn it back on, operate the controls, and check your current air quality.

Also, and no less important, when software updates are available for Renew’s hardware, they will download and install automatically as long as it is connected to the Internet.

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