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Airthings app: "Plug in USB-C to activate Hub"
Airthings app: "Plug in USB-C to activate Hub"
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View monitors can be powered by batteries or by USB-C which affects how often it syncs with the cloud. However, when a View monitor is powered by USB-C, it can also act as a Hub to bring other Airthings Wave monitors online if you have both View and Wave monitors in your home.

Follow the steps in this article to Smartlink your Wave monitors today.

Hub functionality extends a View monitor's internet connection to up to 10 Wave monitors in your home instead of having to sync Wave monitors by Bluetooth - giving you anytime anywhere access to all your home's live air quality information.

What's the difference between being battery-powered and USB-C connected?

  • When battery-powered, it's possible to select a 10-minute or 1-hour sensor data syncing-frequency. The sensors themselves still take samples at their usual rates, but sensor data will be synced (uploaded to the cloud) and become available in the app every 10 minutes or 1 hour.

  • When USB-connected, sensor data is synced every 2.5 minutes. The sensors themselves still take samples at their usual rates, but sensor data will be uploaded to the cloud and update in the app every 2.5 minutes. View monitors will also act as a hub for Wave monitors if Waves are linked to the View monitor.

  • What about the View's screen? The screen of View monitors updates continuously and is independent of cloud connection, so the screen will always be up-to-date with the most recent sensor data according to a sensor's sampling frequency.

What are the sensor sampling frequencies?

  • Temperature: every 5 minutes

  • Humidity: every 5 minutes

  • Air pressure: every 5 minutes

  • CO2: every 5 minutes

  • VOC: every 5 minutes

  • Radon: every hour

  • PM: depends on the connection type and syncing preference (every 2.5 minutes when USB-C connected, and every 10 minutes or 1 hour when battery-powered)

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