You can choose to operate your View monitor with batteries or connect it to power using the USB cable supplied with View monitor 😀.

The only difference this makes to functionality is that it changes how often information is pushed to the cloud and updated in the app/dashboard.

When View monitor is battery-operated:

You have 2 sampling rates to choose from:

  • Every 10 minutes

  • Every hour

You can change this sampling rate in the web dashboard by following these instructions.

When View monitor is connected to power:

When connected to power, the values will update every 2.5 minutes (with the exception of radon which is still hourly).

Do I need to remove the batteries if connecting View monitor to power?

No, you can keep the batteries inside! However, they will not charge as only non-rechargeable batteries should be used. If there is a loss of power for some reason, View monitor will automatically switch to being battery-operated.

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