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View: operating the View monitor with batteries vs USB power cable
View: operating the View monitor with batteries vs USB power cable

Connection options for your View monitor: battery vs. USB.

Updated this week

For View monitors, you can operate your device as battery-operated or plugged in with a USB power cable.

Common questions

  • Will plugging in my View monitor via USB charge my batteries?

    • No, the monitor will not have the batteries recharged if plugged into power.

  • Do I still need batteries if I am using only USB power?

    • No, you can operate the device only on USB power. However, if there is a power outage, for example, your device will stop collecting data.

  • What type of USB charger should I use for my View monitor?

    • We recommend only using trusted brands for cables as well as for power supplies. If the quality of the USB cable is low, then there could be issues with powering the device or the View monitor will glow with a white light indicating an issue.

What are the benefits of connecting the monitor via USB power cable?

  1. Increases the rate that information is pushed to the cloud where data is stored which will be reflected in the Airthings app/Web dashboard.

  2. Enables Airthings hub functionality. 🚀

  3. Change the sampling rate of the particle matter (PM) sensor to improve battery life.

When powered over USB, and connected to WiFi, your View monitor will act as a SmartLink hub for other supported Airthings devices (Wave Mini, Wave Plus, Wave Radon 2nd gen).

This is a great way to keep all your Airthings devices continuously connected and accessible. Use the Airthings App to select which Airthings devices to link to your View.

When View monitor is battery-operated:

There are 2 sampling rates to choose from:

  • Every 10 minutes

  • Every hour

You can change this sampling rate in the web dashboard by following these instructions.

When View monitor is connected to power via USB cable:

When connected to power, the values will update every 2.5 minutes (with the exception of radon which is still hourly).

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