Extended 5-year warranty FAQ
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Am I eligible for the extended 5-year warranty?

Only Airthings consumer products purchased from Airthings.com or our Authorized retailers/resellers from August 1st 2022 are eligible for the 5-year extended warranty.

What are the conditions of the warranty?

Registration of your Airthings product must occur within 30 days from the time of purchase in order to be eligible for the 5-year extension. The extended warranty only increases your 12-month or 24-month warranty to 5 years from the time of purchase.

How can I make a warranty claim?

Get in touch with our Customer Service team to make a claim.

What if I have multiple products?

You can only register one product at a time, if you have multiple products please fill out the form again to register the next product.

Do I need to upload a copy of my receipt?

No, you do not need to upload a copy of your receipt at the time of registration, but you can upload it to make things easier if you need to process a claim. You will need a proof of purchase at the time of a claim.

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