Wave Gen 1 app: how to access the web dashboard

All about the web dashboard feature found in the Wave Gen 1 (formerly Airthings Wave) app

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As of April 2024 - Before getting started, ensure you are using the right Airthings app today for your products by reading this article here.

We have now introduced a Web Dashboard link from within the Airthings Wave Gen 1 app. This gives you access to your personal web dashboard that is optimized for mobile viewing!

  • Available on iOS Wave Gen 1 App Version 3.3.4 and newer

  • Available on Android Wave Gen 1 App Version 3.6.0 and newer

This feature allows you to view time-stamps for your measurements and get a much more granular view of your Airthings measurements than provided in the current graphs 😄

How do I access my graph?

If you have multiple monitors, select which one you would like to view. From the main page with all your sensors shown, you will see the VIEW IN WEB DASHBOARD link. Simply select this and it will launch the web dashboard.

Getting started with the dashboard

  1. At the top of the dashboard you will see the device you have selected in the Wave Gen 1 app to view. For this example we will use my Wave Plus. Here you can see when it was last synced with the cloud, and the location of the monitor and the battery indicator.

  2. Next, you will find the Current values box with a color indicator below the value, this shows all of the last values that were synced to the cloud (for my example these are the current values from 3 minutes ago). These may differ from what you see in the app, based on if you are connected of Bluetooth or SmartLink.

    Please note: for our Bluetooth connected users, these values on the web dashboard are only synced to the cloud hourly. For Airthings Hub connected users, these are updated every 5 minutes thanks to your SmartLink connection 👍

3. The default graph shown when you open the web dashboard will show the weekly average for each sensor, you can simply between the 12h, 48 hour, monthly, yearly, or custom date picker in order to select what time frame you want to view.

4. If you select a point on the graph, it will now show you:

  • the day of the week

  • full date

  • time of the sample

  • measurement recorded for that time

You can drag and move along the graph to see each data point.

The resolution for the web dashboard averaging is setup as follows:

  • 12/48h: 5 min full resolution (no averaging)

  • Week: Hourly averaging

  • Month: Four hours averaging

  • Annual: Three days averaging

Do you want to view this on a larger screen or on your computer? No problem! You can always visit https://dashboard.airthings.com/ and use the same log-in details as your Wave Gen 1 app to access this tool.

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