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Airthings app: am I using the right app?
Airthings app: am I using the right app?

Identify the correct app to use with your devices in 2024.

Updated over a week ago

In 2024, for the best customer and product experience we recommend customers to use the Airthings App listed on the iOS and Android app stores today. This app features updated graphs, an enhanced in-app experience, and exciting new features rolling out throughout the year.

💡Airthings Tip: If you are currently using the Wave App, this is a great time to migrate to the improved Airthings App to see new features about your air quality coming soon in 2024.

In the App Store

In the iOS and Android app stores, there are currently four Airthings apps available:

Airthings app

Supports all Airthings monitors for home/personal use except Wave 1st Generation monitors

Airthings has developed a new app to accommodate the needs of modern user experiences and technology best practices. You should download it today and enjoy:

  • Access to the detailed graphs to help you track and find trends over time

  • AirGlimpse™: Color-coded indicators give you at-a-glance information about your air quality

  • Notifications inform you of poor air quality and suggest ways to improve it, fast

  • Ability to select focuses for your devices -air quality data broken down into high engagement problems that you care about

  • Quick and easy device setup

Wave Gen 1

For only Wave 1st Generation monitors

Wave Gen 1 app Icon in app stores

⚠️ Our older app, called the Wave Gen 1, should now only be used if you have a Wave 1st Generation monitor. To learn how to identify if you have a Wave 1st Generation monitor, the serial number on your device will start with 290.

If you have a mix of monitors Wave Generation 1, and *other smart link devices, we recommend using both the Airthings app and Wave Gen 1 app.

NOTE: most articles in our Help Center refer to the Wave Gen 1 app but are in the process of being updated. Specific instructions for the new Airthings App can be found in the Airthings App section.

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