You may be prompted to add a Security ID code when adding your Wave device to your Airthings account.

This is an added security feature used to confirm that the Wave/Wave Plus/Wave Mini that you are trying to add to your account is actually in your possession, and not your neighbours for example 😀

Where is the ID code found? (Wave Devices)

The ID code is the security code on the back of your Wave/Wave Plus/Wave Mini just under the serial number. Simply remove the magnetic backplate of your Wave/Wave Plus/Wave Mini to locate this ID-code:

Where is the ID code found? (View Plus)

On the View Plus, remove the plastic backplate, and above the right side of the battery compartment, you will find the unique ID code.

Once you have located the Id simply enter the Id text in the app to move forward pairing your Airthings monitor.

If you have any trouble adding reading your ID code or is ineligible please take a photo of the monitor showing the serial number and start a chat with us on support in the Airthings Wave App (Menu -> Support -> Chat with us) and our support team can assist you further!

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