Wave Gen 1 app: how often will notifications be triggered?

How notifications work for Airthings users connected over Bluetooth and Airthings Hub

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As of April 2024 - Before getting started, ensure you are using the right Airthings app today for your products by reading this article here.

Notifications work in two different ways depending on your set-up.

For our users that are using Bluetooth (without an Airthings Hub)

Notifications will only trigger once you send a full hour's worth of measurement data to the cloud after you sync with your monitor. During this hour your Wave, Wave Plus, Wave Mini will continue to take measurements and allow you to see them on your phone, however, a notification will not trigger until the full hours' worth of measurements are sent to the cloud.

For example, if you have a high rolling 24 hour average for your radon measurement that goes above the threshold limits ( ≥ 4.0 pCi/L or ≥ 150 Bq/m3) at 10:52 You will get a notification after the measurement samples have been sent to the cloud at 11:52 (depending on when your hourly sync occurs)

You must first sync with your monitor in order to get notifications over Bluetooth.

For Airthings Hub users with connected monitors

If any of your sensors go above the threshold that you have enabled the push notifications for, you will get a notification once the measurement is sent to the cloud ( every 5 minutes)

Q: Will I continue to get notifications if my levels stay above the recommended thresholds?

A: No, you will not continue to get notifications if your values are consistently above the thresholds. They must drop below the threshold limit and go over again in order to trigger another notification.

Q: Will I get a notification from something that happened 2 days ago?
A: No, for our Bluetooth users, they will only get a notification from the last hour that was uploaded to the cloud. So if you synced after two days, the notification would only trigger based on the last hours' worth of measurements.

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