Wave App: what sensor thresholds trigger notifications?

At what levels will I get a notification sent to my app?

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Currently, our push notifications are set to Airthings recommendations and will only trigger if the sensor values go above or below the values below boxed in black:

1. Radon Notification:

≥ 150 Bq/m3 or ≥ 4.0 pCi/L

Metric (EU & CA):


2. Temperature Notification:

≥ 25 C or <18 C

≥ 77 F or <64 F

Metric (EU & CA):


3. Humidity Notification:

≥70% humidity

<25% humidity

4. VOC Notification:

≥ 2000 ppb

5. CO2 Notification:

≥ 1000 ppm

6. Mold Risk Notification:

≥6 risk level

Can I set my own thresholds?

Currently, we do not have the ability for our users to set their own limits, this is our first launch of notifications and hope to improve it!

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