Our API for Consumers is currently not open to the public.

Our solution is currently divided into three segments; Home, Airthings for Business, and Professional (for radon professionals). The Airthings for Business solution offers an open API in addition to other integrations, made possible by our SaaS (software as a service). We do have partners that use our API to control HVAC equipment through a BAS, and we have also made a guide for how to use the API with Niagara 4 at https://developer.airthings.com/docs/api.html

Our solution for homeowners does not have this open API because we don't offer a service making this possible yet. We do support some custom integrations to Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT for the home products, but they are more limited than the API we offer for our Airthings for Business solution. If our Airthings for Business solution sounds like something that could fit your business, you can fill out our contact form below and one of our sales representatives can get in touch to discuss the benefits of our solution, pricing and offer a price reduced development kit for testing the solution and integrations.

Airthings for Business Contact Form

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