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*Please note: Like our other integrations, you will need to have a Wi-Fi-enabled monitor or a Bluetooth monitor connected to a Hub for full functionality.

Alexa is a smart home ecosystem and a voice assistant from Amazon.

Airthings offers a voice assistant integration with Alexa to read aloud your Airthings monitor’s sensor values through the Alexa app or products like the Amazon Echo devices.

Airthings currently does not offer smart home integrations and automations through the Alexa smart home ecosystem, as Alexa does not publicly support predefined air quality parameters. When linking your Airthings account to Alexa, your Airthings monitors can still be added as a thermometer in the Alexa smart home ecosystem.


Installing the app

Install the Alexa app from App store or Play Store and sign in using your Amazon username and password. Follow the onboarding instructions in the Alexa app to finish setting up Alexa.

If you have an Amazon Echo or other hardware products with Alexa built in, these can be used instead of the Alexa app.


The Airthings integration is offered in English (US,UK,AU,IN) and German language. To use the integration, change the language of your Alexa interface to one of these languages.

To do so in the Alexa app:

  • Open More and go to Settings.

  • Select Device Settings.

  • Select “Alexa on This Phone” or another device you plan to use with Airthings.

  • Under Language, select your preferred language of the above supported languages

Adding the Airthings skill

Enable the Airthings skill by opening the Alexa app and go to More. Select Skills & Games and tap the search icon.

Search for Airthings, then select Enable to use on the Airthings skill. Enter your Airthings account username and password in the browser that shows up for account linking and tap Done when linking is complete.


To add your devices as thermometers, tap Discover devices after linking your Airthings account. This will take up to a minute. Your Airthings devices will afterwards show in the Devices section of the Alexa app as thermometers.


To invoke the Airthings skill, ask Alexa the following:

  • “Alexa, open Airthings” and then one of the following

    • List my rooms

    • Check <sensor>

    • Check <sensor> in <room name>

For <sensor>, use the name of the sensor you want to have read out (radon, CO2, VOC particle matter etc)

You can also directly invoke the Airthings skill with a specific intent, by saying:

  • Alexa, ask Airthings to check <sensor> in <room name> OR

  • Alexa, get <sensor> levels from <room name> from Airthings

If the sensor parameter or room name is not recognized or provided, Alexa will ask you a follow up question to try to understand what room it should check for.

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