Kindly follow NRPP, NRSB or C-NRPP Testing Protocol

Extra tips:

  • Follow height and distance measuring requirements established by NRPP, NRSB or C-NRPP. (At least: 20 inches (50cm) above floor; 12 inches (30cm) below ceiling; 12 inches (30cm) from walls; 36 inches (90cm) from exterior doors, windows, or openings; and 4 inches (10cm) from other objects).
  • Place at approximate breathing height. (3 - 6 feet (90 - 180cm) above the floor).
  • Make sure it is laid flat on a solid surface or use a tripod. Do NOT use Pro in vertical orientation.
  • Place where it cannot easily be tampered with (pushed/moved/damaged).
  • DO NOT TEST OUTDOORS. The Pro is intended indoor use ONLY.

How to perform your measurements

For optimum functionality and longevity, a suitable environment is:

  • Indoor use only.
  • 5% Relative Humidity to 80% RH non-condensing.
  • 39°F to 104°F / 4°C to 40°C.
  • Keep clean, without heavy dust or dirt.
  • Away from vents, windows and direct sunlight.
  • When the Pro is not in use, it should always be stored in its case.
  • Do NOT store in your vehicle.
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