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Pro: Storage and Radon Measurements? Temperature and Humidity?
Pro: Storage and Radon Measurements? Temperature and Humidity?

Manufacturer Operating Environment

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The radon sensors in the Corentium Pro are delicate, especially to humid conditions, it is important that storage conditions are non-freezing and non-condensing as well as extreme heat.

We recommend that you keep the Corentium Pro in a dry and low RH environment. Storing the Corentium Pro in a vehicle is not advisable. When the Pro is not in use, it should always be stored in its case.

For storage and doing official radon measurements, remember to stay within the operating environment:

5% Relative Humidity to 85% RH non-condensing

39°F to 104°F / 4°C to 40°C

Failure to follow the recommendations will void warranty.

Operating Environment FAQs:

Why is condensation bad?
Leaving any type of electronic instrument or device in an environment that may reach freezing temperatures will cause condensation leaving the Corentium Pro and its components vulnerable to permanent damage.  

What about heat?  
Electronics do not mix well with extreme heat. It is important to never leave the Corentium Pro in vehicle for prolonged time. Cars left in 80-degree weather can easily reach 123 degrees within an hour.

Can the Pro be used for outdoor testing?
No. The Corentium Pro is not intended for outdoor use and depending on the environmental conditions, this may lead to the damage of the sensors.

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