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Wave: how to see monitor measurements in the Airthings app
Wave: how to see monitor measurements in the Airthings app

Navigating in the app to read your monitor's measurements.

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This article explains how to understand the sensor data you see in the app, using a radon sensor and humidity sensor as examples. The sensors you see in your app will depend on which Wave monitor you have but the examples all apply.

Finding the measurements

When you are on the Devices tab in the bottom left-hand corner of your app then you will see all of your current monitors in one place. Next, select a monitor to view the measurement data. The overview shows your AirGlimpse with the most recent sensor sample taken. This will give you the most current evaluation of the room.

  • Radon is updated hourly

  • Temperature, humidity, VOC, CO2, and air pressure are sampled every 5 minutes

  • Mold risk (available for Wave Mini only) is updated hourly, and is expressed as a 48hr rolling average

If you then click on any of the individual sensor values, you will be brought to graphs for that particular sensor. You can select to view the average value and behavior of the sensor over different periods of time, such as 3hrs, 24hrs, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year.

Example 1: Radon

Wave Radon and Wave Plus logs a radon reading once every hour.

In the example below, the radon reading is 6.0 Bq/m3, the time period selected is Latest, and this means 6.0 Bq/m3 is the latest measurement of Radon recorded not the average.

If you click into Radon - you can see further details of your averages over different periods of time and averages here. For example: 3 hrs, 24 hrs, 1 week, etc...

This shows the radon average for the last 1 year, and you can see the average is 9.0 Bq/m3:

We recommend the ideal measurement is for at least 30 days in one location, due to the nature of radon and its fluctuations. If you initially see high levels when you first set up your monitor, don't worry, the monitor is calibrating and initial readings should not be considered when it comes to taking mitigation action.

Example 2: Humidity

Humidity is measured every 5 minutes (along with temperature, VOCs, CO2 and air pressure). If you have a Wave Radon 1st generation, temperature and humidity is updated hourly.

The reading you see in your app home screen for the monitor is the most recent measurement of relative humidity taken (not an average such as radon). In the example below, this means 35.5% humidity was recorded in the room within the last 5 minutes:

You can also choose to see your average humidity levels over the last 24hrs, 7 days, 30 days, etc... by clicking on humidity and continuing to the graphs for humidity in more detail.

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