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Airthings app: how to understand your sensor readings
Airthings app: how to understand your sensor readings

Learn about AirGlimpse and how to interpret the graphs

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There are 2 main ways you can see an overview of your sensor readings:

  1. AirGlimpse

  2. Graphs


On the main Devices screen, you can view the monitors that are paired to your account. By selecting the expand button for a monitor, you will see an overview of your readings indicated by the AirGlimpse bars.

AirGlimpse will change color depending on the status of the sensor according to the sensor thresholds: Green (Good), Orange (Fair), and Red (Poor).

The two dots inside the AirGlimpse bars indicate the sensor thresholds. For example, the AirGlimpse for humidity is showing as green since 44% is within the recommended guidelines, while VOC is showing as orange here since 339ppb is above the recommended level:

Hint! You can adjust the views of AirGlimpse by selecting different periods of time at the top of the screen:

To dive into more detail, select any sensor to view the graphs!


View your sensor data over different periods of time! At the top of the graphs screen, you can select to view your data in the following ways:

  • 3 hrs: shows the timestamp of individual sensor readings

  • 24 hrs: each data point is expressed as a 1 hr average

  • 7 days: each data point is expressed as a 4 hr average

  • 30 days: each data point is expressed as a 24 hr average

  • 365 days: each data point is expressed as a week average

Once you are viewing one of the graphs, you can scroll back in time to view past measurements. Here is an example of a humidity sensor in the 3 hr graph view - the graph shows a 3 hour timespan and the information under the graph indicates the timestamp of the humidity sensor reading. The humidity was 45% at 09:36:

Below is the same humidity sensor in the 1-week view. The graph shows a 1-week timespan and each data point is expressed as a 4 hr average. The average humidity level was 56% between 5 am and 9 am on the 7th of December. The minimum humidity level recorded during this time was 52% and the maximum level was 61%:

For advanced graph settings, scroll below any graph to adjust your preferences:

  1. Show/hide the sensor threshold lines

  2. Show/hide the min/max shadowing behind averaged values

  3. Keep the colored trend lines or remove them for a neutral blue line

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