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Renew: Changing the filters
Renew: Changing the filters
Updated over a week ago

Both the HEPA-13 (made of Polypropylene) and active charcoal filters offer about 4000 hours of air cleaning after which point they should be replaced.

Renew keeps track of its running time so you can check the remaining filter life in the Airthings app at any time. Also, the Filter change indicator on Renew’s control panel will illuminate when it’s time to replace them.

You can order replacement filters at, in the Airthings app (coming soon), or from selected authorized resellers.

Once you have the replacement filters on hand, here's what to do:

  1. Unplug Renew before changing the filters.

  2. Remove the textile front cover (outer prefilter) and inner prefilter.

    Tip: This might be a good time to clean the prefilters.

  3. Now, remove the old filters and replace them with the new ones. Remember to insert the new filters in the correct order and with the pull-tab face-up and out.

    Tip: Place the used filter directly into the bag the new filter comes in to prevent dust and particles from scattering.

  4. Reassemble the prefilters and plug the unit back in.

  5. Finally, reset the filter life counter and turn off the Filter change indicator light. To do this, press and hold the Silent mode button for 5 seconds.

For your safety, avoid touching the fan blades when changing the filters.

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