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Renew: Perform a factory reset
Renew: Perform a factory reset
Updated over a week ago

This action may be useful if you are planning to move Renew to an entirely new location with a different WiFi network.

NOTE: It is only possible to perform a factory reset using Renew’s onboard control panel. It is not possible using the Airthings app.

Read this before performing a factory reset

This is what you can expect when you carry out the reset:

  • Renew will “forget” its connection with the current WiFi network. You will need to establish a new connection between Renew and a WiFi network.

  • Renew will no longer send data to the current Airthings account. After the factory reset, the device will still appear listed in the account and PM history will still be available, but the connection will be permanently lost.

  • If you wish to remove the purifier from your account, go to the device settings in the app to unpair the device. This will make your PM data history unavailable in the app.

    Image of phone using Airthings app users can unpair their device from their account

  • The estimated remaining lifetime for the filters remain unaffected by the factory reset. You will no longer receive updated information about the remaining filter life in the app.

Here’s how to do it

Step 1: Press and hold the - and + buttons concurrently for 10 seconds.

Step 2: All LED lights on the purifier will blink once, and you will hear 2 beeping sounds when the factory reset is successful.

After the successful factory reset, the WiFi LED is turned off.

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