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Renew: Control panel "shortcut" buttons
Renew: Control panel "shortcut" buttons
Updated over a week ago

Everything that you can do using the Airthings app can be done on the Renew control panel. Use these "shortcuts" to apply the following controls.

Turn Child Lock on and off

Press Auto and Boost together for 3 seconds to turn child lock on or off.

Reset the filter change indicator

Press and hold the Silent mode button for 5 seconds. This turns off the filter change indicator light and resets the filter life calculation. Do this every time you replace the HEPA-13 and Active charcoal filters.

Turn button beeps off

Press the Boost mode button for 5 seconds to turn off the beeps when the buttons are pressed. Do the same to turn the beeps back on.

Dim the panel’s LED lights

The LED lights are always dimmed when you activate Silent mode. You can manually dim lights for ALL modes by pressing the Auto mode button for 5 seconds. Do the same to turn the lights back on.

Reset the unit to factory settings

Press and hold both the + and - buttons for 10 seconds to factory reset the device. When you factory reset the device all WiFi connections are erased and the device is ready to be paired to a new account in the app. The device will continue to show in your app unless you delete it, but you can no longer see new PM data or access smart functionality.

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