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Wave Gen 1 app (Airthings Wave)
Airthings Wave (April 2024 renamed to Wave Gen 1) app will no longer receive updates
Airthings Wave (April 2024 renamed to Wave Gen 1) app will no longer receive updates

Airthings Wave app will not be updated. Users should switch to the new Airthings app by downloading it from their app store.

Updated over a week ago

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The Airthings Wave app has been the main app for most Airthings users over the course of the past years. However, to provide a better user experience, we created a new app that will allow customers to gain more value from our product line.

The Airthings Wave app will no longer receive updates, and in due time it will be discontinued. Do not worry, the app will not disappear from your phone but will not be accessible via the app store in a traditional manner. If you recently purchased a Wave Gen 1 device (these have a device serial number starting with 2900), please contact customer support and we can help you access the correct app.

All users, except those that have a Wave (1st generation) on their account, should immediately move over to the new app.

None of your data will be affected, and all your devices should continue to work as expected without having to re-configure them for the new app. We hope to make this a simple & seamless as possible for you.

Get the new app today

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About the new app

Airthings has developed a new app from the ground up to accommodate the needs of modern user experiences and technology best practices. You should download it today and enjoy:

  • Access to the detailed graphs to help you track and find trends over time

  • AirGlimpse™: Color-coded indicators give you at-a-glance information about your air quality

  • Notifications inform you of poor air quality and suggest ways to improve it, fast

  • Ability to select focuses for your devices -air quality data broken down into high engagement problems that you care about

  • Quick and easy device setup

    And so much more! We are adding more functionality every month, so stay tuned for further updates.

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