Pro: Starting a test without the App

Situations with no cell coverage or temporarily unable to connect to the app

Updated over a week ago

⚠️ If you find yourself in an area with no cellular connection, or you're unable to connect to the app, worry not! We have a solution for you. Here are simplified instructions for starting a test without the App:

  1. Press and hold the round reset button on the side of the unit for 3 seconds.

  2. The unit will beep, and all 3 colors will flash briefly, indicating the start of a new manual test.

  3. Once the app is operational again, locate the new test labeled as an "UNNAMED" and select it.

  4. Enter all required information, such as name, address, etc.

🛠 If necessary, use the truncate feature to adjust the test duration. For detailed instructions, refer to the provided article here.

It's important to note that the unit continuously collects measurements (ALWAYS ON) and acts as a reliable backup in case of any issues. The truncate feature is readily available to modify the test duration as needed.

Rest assured, even in remote areas or situations without a cellular connection, our device is designed to keep you covered. We hope these instructions are clear and provide you with a helpful solution 😀

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