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View: how to pair your monitor to your Airthings account
View: how to pair your monitor to your Airthings account

Pairing troubleshooting your monitor to the Airthings app.

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As of April 2024 - Before getting started, please ensure you are using the app called Airthings app not the Wave Gen 1 for your View product. For any additional questions on which app to use please read read this article here.

Your View monitor uses a Bluetooth connection to pair for the first time with your account, make sure that your Bluetooth is on before getting started!

How to connect your monitor

  1. Make sure that your Bluetooth setting is on for your mobile device

  2. Begin by logging into your Airthings app

  3. Click on the "+" icon in the top right-hand corner and select "Add device"

  4. Choose your Airthings monitor from the list

  5. Name your device and the home it will be in

  6. Click the "Get pairing code button" and add the 6-digit passcode from your device's screen

  7. Connect to WiFi network

  8. Tada! you are all set and ready to begin measuring your air quality!

Are you still having issues or don't see your device?

Follow the link here to view our advanced troubleshooting article or please reach out to

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