You can configure how often you want your View to send the sensor data to the cloud and how often the PM sensor takes a sample, depending on whether your View is running on batteries or is power-connected.

When View is battery-operated:

You have 2 rates to choose from:

  • Every 10 minutes

  • Every hour (battery-saving mode)

It is important to know the key change this makes to the operation of the View is that it changes how often the PM sensor takes a sample (10 minutes vs hourly) and how often all sensor data is sent to the cloud and app. It does not change how often the other sensors actually physically take samples. Please see here for more information on the sampling rates of the sensors.

You can change this rate in the web dashboard by following the instructions below.

When View is connected to power:

When connected to power, the sensor data will automatically be sent to the cloud every 2.5 minutes. It is not possible to change the sampling rate when connected to power.

How to change the configuration in the dashboard:

To change the cloud-syncing interval for battery-operated View monitors, log in to your web dashboard and go to your View. Select the settings icon:

You will be brought to the settings page where you can select different syncing intervals:

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