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What's the difference between Airthings smart products?
What's the difference between Airthings smart products?

Comparing Wave Radon, Wave Plus, Wave Mini, View Plus, View Pollution and View Radon

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The Wave series consists of:

  1. Wave Radon (previously known as Wave 1st/2nd gen)

  2. Wave Mini

  3. Wave Plus

The View series consists of:

  1. View Plus

  2. View Pollution

  3. View Radon

So what's the difference between these products?



Other fun Wave family facts:

  1. All of them can be mounted to a wall, or simply kept on a flat, stable surface (such as a table).

  2. They all work with the Airthings App and web dashboard, which allows you to monitor your measurements and access data online.

  3. Their color indicators all have the same meaning:
    Green: good air quality
    Yellow: average air quality
    Red: poor air quality

  4. Wave Radon was previously known simply as the Wave. It was the first of the Wave family, and there are 2 generations: Wave Radon 1st gen and Wave Radon 2nd gen.

  5. Wave Radon 2nd gen, Wave Plus, and Wave Mini are all compatible with the Airthings Hub, which keeps these devices connected to our cloud, meaning you can access up-to-date data from anywhere.

  6. The View series products use WiFi, so it does not need to be connected to a Hub, and they actually act as a Hub themselves when connected by a power cable. This means you can connect your existing monitors to a View series monitor, to bring your monitors online, without the need for an Airthings Hub.

If you are wondering about which Airthings devices are right for you, it really depends on personal preference and what aspects of indoor air quality you want to measure. Many people bundle and create their own Airthings family, allowing you to monitor several aspects of your indoor environment in multiple rooms.

If you have any questions or want more information, we'll be happy to hear from you at, or simply start a chat with us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page!

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