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Dashboard: how do I locate past measurements?

If I start a new measurement will be current measurement be lost?

Updated over a week ago

The Airthings app will always have your current ongoing measurements available in the app. However, if you want to start a new measurement this current measurement will not be deleted or lost. It will be moved to your web dashboard to be saved 💾

If you do one of the following:

  • Change Room

  • Change Location

  • Unpair/Pair Device

Your current measurement will be ended and saved to the web dashboard and a new measurement will be started.

Where do I find these past measurements?

You can find your past measurements directly from your personal web dashboard at Simply use the same log-in details as your Wave Gen 1 app or Airthings app to access this great tool.

Once you log into your web dashboard you can select the "Devices" from the left-hand menu and scroll to the bottom of the page, here you will locate all of your saved measurements.

You can open any of your past measurements by selecting which one you want to see from the available list you have. From here, you can view your data, select custom dates to view, export the CSV file, or generate a radon report* (only for Wave and Wave Plus users).

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