We do not currently have an integration with Apple HomeKit.

As you are probably aware, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different home automation standards.

Some are closed while others integrate entire systems via gateways such as Homey / Smartthings and then into platforms such as Alexa / Google Home etc.

It has been difficult to invest in many of these with limited resources even though we are growing bigger and better everyday. In the specific case of Apple Homekit, it has relatively extreme security requirements that we have not had enough processing power to offer.

We have got better now 🙂

After Apple / Google / Amazon and others announced around the holiday season that they will finally create a common IP-based standard (CHIP), most of the new development has stopped at existing solutions among the big ones to focus on this. We now see the opportunity to offer this on future products and follow the development of the standard closely towards the first version over the New Year.

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