Concluding a test & viewing a dataset

adding photos, etc.

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Finalizing a dataset will automatically upload it to your dashboard.

Once a radon test is complete, connect to the monitor.

After the datasets have loaded, locate the proper dataset and tap on “Finalize Dataset or See Details and Finalize”, here you can add any photos to the dataset, such as a building footprint diagram, or a photo showing that the monitor was indeed placed at the property.

Adding photos with the app:

You can also add comments about deviations from protocol, such as the monitor being moved, or if it could not be placed according to protocol, and the reason for this placement. Additionally, you can add comments about temporary conditions, such as extreme weather which may have affected the measurement, or temporary radon reduction measures in place.

Once the photos and comments are added, or if you wish to conclude the radon test with no added photos or comments, tap on the “Finalize Test” button at the bottom of the screen. This will begin uploading the dataset to the Dashboard. Once the dataset is uploaded, you will be taken back to the main screen of the monitor

If you wish to add another document other than a photo to the report such as a PDF, this procedure cannot currently be made using the app, but rather using the dashboard. For procedures click here.

Viewing a Dataset

To view the information of a dataset, first finalize the dataset as described in the above section. After the dataset has been finalized, a button will appear titled “View Dataset”. Tap this button to see the details of the radon test including the measurement information, and logged motion events if any occurred.

Note: Your mobile device must be connected to the internet to view the dataset information.

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