Managing Report Templates

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For your convenience, we have included several ready-to-use report templates

which can be used as is, duplicated, or customized to suit your needs!

To manage your templates, log into the Pro Dashboard and click on the report

templates icon in the left menu. To add a new template, click on the Add a New Template bar at the top of the page. Name the template, add a description, and then click on the green checkmark to start creating your template. In the dropdown menus on the right are information blocks which can be added to the template.

NOTE: C-NRPP Template is for our Canadian Users.

These blocks can be added multiple times, and in any order you choose. Changes are saved as you make them. To see what your template will look like, click on the Preview button at the top of the page.

Once all changes are complete, and the template is ready for use, click on the

Publish button to make the template available for use in generating radon


To modify the title or description of a template, from the main templates

screen, click on the “…” menu to the right of the template and then choose

Edit Description. Choose Configure Template to modify the blocks of an

existing template. To duplicate a template choose Duplicate Template.

📌Once you delete a template, it is not retrievable and this applies to the ready made templates. When in doubt, DUPLICATE a template and work with that one until you are happy with the end result.

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