Q: How do I know my Hub is connected to my Airthings account?

A: After following the pairing instructions on for your Hub you should now see the link icon on the All Devices page (circled below) on your Airthings App and your Airthings account! You can also check your web dashboard at https://dashboard.airthings.com/ under the devices section to see your Hub.

Q: How do I know if my (Wave Plus, Wave Mini, Wave 2nd Gen) are connected to the Hub?

A: If you have successfully completed the linking process with your Airthings monitor you will see the signal bars next to your battery indicator on the Airthings App (circled in the screenshot below). It can take 10-15 minutes before this shows in the App. If you do not see this connection try closing out your Airthings App and reopening it.

Q: Do I need to keep Bluetooth on in order to sync?

Nope! Your iPhone/iPad will use your data connection (wifi/3g/4g/5g) in order to sync with the cloud to provide you with your latest measurements which allows you to always be connected to your Airthings data! 

However, if you have a Wave 1st generation on your account you will be prompted to use Bluetooth in order to sync. If you are not in range you can just ignore this notification and you will see your Hub connected monitors update.

Q: How do I set-up push notifications for my phone?

A: We are working on push notifications and alerts with the native Airthings App! For now you can set-up these notifications using IFTTT and create alerts when a specific sensor reaches your set threshold level. Check out our IFTTT article explaining how to get set-up here -https://www.airthings.com/resources/airthings-ifttt

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