Dashboard: updating your location

How to change your location on the web dashboard

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If you decided to not share your location and now you want to utilize the web dashboard outdoor air quality report in your location, you can fix this quickly!

Step 1: Login

Log into your web dashboard at https://dashboard.airthings.com/ and use the same credentials as your Airthings App (username and password are case sensitive). 

Step 2: Remove air tile

Remove the Outdoor air tile from your dashboard.

Step 3: Locate your monitor and go to settings

Locate your monitor in the dashboard by selecting "devices:" on the left menu. Then select Settings at the top.

Step 4: Go to dropdown menu

Select the drop-down menu shown below.

Step 5: Select add new location.

Step 6: Readd air tile

Go back to the dashboard and add your Outdoor tile to your dashboard to see your updated location with your new location.

If you have any questions let us know by opening the Intercom chat feature on the right-hand side of the webpage or by contacting us at support@airthings.com.

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