Initializing a test with the app


Updated over a week ago

Select the monitor by clicking on it. The Pro will beep. Click on the green START TEST bar at the bottom.

• Enter the test type, delay, measurement duration, building and client information. Enter and follow the prompts across the various fields and pages until the end and click START to schedule the test. The monitor will beep and the lights will flash for several seconds as it reboots.

• Then the monitor will beep again, and if a delay was used, the green light will flash rapidly, once per second, to indicate that the radon test has been successfully scheduled.

• If no delay was scheduled the green light will flash once every 5 seconds to indicate that the monitor is currently recording information.

📌We recommend a minimum 4 hours delay when starting any test to bring the Corentium Pro to equilibrium and to always verify with the testing protocols in your jurisdiction.

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