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Corentium Home: where should I place it?
Corentium Home: where should I place it?

Placement, location, and ideal environment for measuring

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You can mount your Corentium Home to a wall, or you can simply put it on a shelf or a table, with the screen facing upwards/outwards. 

Extra tips:

  • Place at approximate breathing height

  • Place on a solid surface

  • Place where it cannot easily be tampered with (pushed/moved/damaged)

How to perform your measurements

We strongly advise:

  • Resetting the monitor when starting a new measurement

  • Not moving the monitor while performing a measurement

  • Measuring for at least 30 days

For optimum functionality and longevity, a suitable environment is:

  • a location where you spend the majority of your time (living room, bedroom, etc...)

  • below 80% humidity

  • clean, without heavy dust or dirt

  • away from vents, windows and direct sunlight

  • Temperature:
    4°C to 40°C
    39°F to 104°F

  • for indoor use only

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