No access to the monitor? How to add monitors.

Not registered to your company

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If you have the message that this monitor is not registered to your company, then follow the steps below.

To add a monitor to the company, log into the Pro Dashboard at and click on the monitor management icon in the left menu, and then click on the Add a Monitor bar at the top of the page.

Enter in a nickname for the monitor for easier identification of the monitor, and then enter the monitor’s serial number and click on the green checkmark to the right. Once a monitor is added to the company it must be confirmed in the mobile app when in proximity to the monitor.

This is a safety feature to help ensure that only monitors belonging to the company can be added to the Dashboard.

📌You will need to confirm all newly added monitors using the app. These will be listed as PENDING MONITORS.

For additional tutorials on the new app and dashboard, please make sure to visit the tutorial videos.

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