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Account: can multiple users use the same account?
Account: can multiple users use the same account?

Multiple people, two accounts, several devices

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Multiple people using different phones/tablets can connect to the same Airthings monitor!

The only thing you have to do is use the same Airthings account

  • Each Airthings account has an email address and Airthings password used to access the data on the app. If you want someone to be able to access the data, please provide them with the login details.

Warning! Avoid a second person creating a new account for the same Airthings monitor, as they will "take over" the monitor, rather than being able to view the existing measurements, and your current measurement segment will be ended.

If you created two accounts by mistake, you may need to unpair one of the devices. To do this:

  • Tap on the top-left hamburger menu

  • Tap on DEVICES

  • Tap on "My Devices" and select your device

  • Tap on "Unpair Device", the last option at the bottom of the page.

Common situations for multiple users under one device account

The same principle can be applied to having several of your own devices.

Situation 1:
Several people live in the same household with a Wave Plus. Everyone wants to be able to access the data and understand the behaviour which causes the light indicator to change.

Whoever set up the Wave Plus and account initially just has to share the login details and anyone in the household can use the login on their own phone or tablet.

Situation 2:
For some reason you own 12 iPads, 5 Samsung phones, and 9 iPhones - and you want to be able to access your Airthings data on all of them! - no problem, as long as you have the app installed and use the same login, you can see your data once synced to the Wave Plus. And remember, you can also log in to the web dashboard for more data with the same details.

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