Pro App: Upgrading Old Datasets

How to upgrade your datasets from the old app.

Updated over a week ago

All datasets which were scheduled with the old app will show up in the new app as Unscheduled regardless of whether the measurement was scheduled or not. 

These old datasets will have a button below them in the new app which says Upgrade Dataset.

Tap on the Upgrade Dataset button to upgrade it to work with the new app. All of the missing information can be entered into the datasets on the screens after tapping on the Upgrade Dataset button. The screens to enter in the missing information will look very similar to the screens used for scheduling a new measurement. Once all information has been entered the old dataset will be upgraded and will appear the same as a dataset scheduled in the new app. Once an old dataset is upgraded, the data can be viewed, and a final report can be generated just like a dataset from the new app!

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