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Corentium Home: what is the lifespan of the Home?
Corentium Home: what is the lifespan of the Home?

Batteries, battery life and device longevity

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The Corentium Home comes with 3 x AAA batteries, which should last up to 2 years.

When the batteries die, simply replace them, and you can continue to measure your radon levels!

The Home is designed to be on and measuring at all times as long as the batteries are inserted, so it is not possible to turn-off the device, unless you remove the batteries.

What happens when I need to change the batteries?

  1. You will notice your Corentium Home starts to indicate that the battery is low in the top left-hand corner of the display. You will see a battery icon with the word "LOW" - please see image above.

  2. When you replace the batteries, your device will start completely new measurements, so note down your current measurements before removing the batteries!
    You can also generate a report of your radon measurements by following the easy steps in this link, but you must do this before replacing the batteries.

  3. Open the back of the device where the batteries are stored. Remove batteries and replace with new good-quality alkaline ones, which should be available at your local store (you should not use rechargeable batteries).

  4. Your device will reset itself, and you should see the word "CAL" appear on the display (for "calibration"!). The device will calibrate and perform a sensor check, then you will see a series of dashes on the display until the Home begins its first measurements, which should occur between 6 and 24 hours.

Regarding overall lifespan, if you take care of the device and it is kept in suitable conditions, the device should last many years. 

For optimum functionality and longevity, a suitable environment is:

  • a location where you spend the majority of your time (living room, bedroom, etc...)

  • below 80% humidity

  • clean, without heavy dust or dirt

  • away from vents, windows and direct sunlight

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