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Dashboard: Getting started

How to get started using your web dashboard.

Updated over a week ago

Logging in

In the web dashboard, you can see your measurement information on a much more detailed view than what you currently see in the Airthings App. 

To get started, please go to and use the same login credentials as on your Airthings App.

How to customize your dashboard

There are five options available on the left-hand menu -


This is an overview of all of the sensors and "tiles" currently visible on your dashboard. 


Here you can see all of your current devices and find your past measurements at the bottom of the page. Select any of your Airthings monitors to get a more detailed view.


In this section you can change your password, date format, unit of measurement (US/ Metric), and language. Currently, we support English, Norwegian, German, and French. You can also subscribe to our newsletter from here as well!


Integrate your Airthings data with your own application or DIY project. On these pages you can setup an API client with client credentials to retrieve data from the Airthings Cloud.


This will take you to the compare page where you can compare all Airthings devices across each other and if you are looking to purchase a new device or upgrade you can do so from here. 

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