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How to get started using your web dashboard

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Do you have the Wave, Wave Plus, or Wave Mini? Then you have access to your own personalized online dashboard!

Here you can see your measurement information on a much more detailed view than what you currently see in the Airthings App. 

To get started all you need is to go to https://dashboard.airthings.com/ and simply use the same log-in credentials as your Airthings App.

Now that you have signed on, it's time for the customization process! 

There are 4 options available on the left hand menu:

  1. Dashboard - This is an overview of all of the sensors and "tiles" you have currently visible on your dashboard. 

2. Devices - Here you can see all of your current devices and also find your past measurements at the bottom of the page. Select any of your Airthings devices to get into a more detailed view.

3. Settings - In this section you can change your password, date format, unit of measurements (US/ Metric), and language. Currently, we support English, Norwegian, German, and French. You can also subscribe to our newsletter from here as well!

4. Shop - This will take you to the Airthings.com compare page where you can compare all Airthings devices across each other and if you are looking to purchase a new device or upgrade you can do so from here. 

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