Pro: What Do The Colors Indicate On The LED?
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LED Status Lights

• Flashing green, yellow and red: Monitor self-test
 • Flashing green: Operation mode
 • Flashing yellow:  !  Attention. Connect to the Corentium Pro app for
 instructions. Often the yellow light means that the time on Corentium Pro
 needs to be synchronized. Simply start a measurement from the app to set
 the time. If this does not work, please try installing a new set of batteries.

• Blue flash and beep: Bluetooth connect
 • Blue flash (once): Bluetooth disconnect
 • Continuous blue: USB connected
 • Flashing red: The batteries are low, or there is an error. Connect to the
 Corentium Pro app for instructions. If it still blinks red after replacing the batteries, try starting a new test. If you are unsuccessful after these attempts, please contact

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