Pro: What Do The Colors Indicate On The LED?
Updated over a week ago

LED Status Lights

  • Flashing green: once every 5 seconds: Normal operation, monitor is recording data.

  • Flashing green once per second: Radon test scheduled, monitor in delay period.

  • Flashing green, yellow, and red sequentially: Monitor rebooting and performing self-test

  • Flashing yellow: Indicates a warning but is still operational. This usually means that the monitor needs to synchronize the date, time, and time zone. Connect to the monitor through the app and start a test to synchronize.

  • Flashing red: Error. Press the RESET button for 3 seconds (round button). Once it is done flashing, open the app and connect to it. Start a test. If this does not resolve the issue, replace the batteries. If the red light still persists, contact technical support.

  • Blue flash and beep: Bluetooth connection established.

  • Blue flash (once): Bluetooth connection ended.

  • Continuous blue: USB connected for CRA usage.

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