The Home radon detector is portable, allowing you to measure in multiple rooms/locations. 

To measure in a new location we recommend pressing the reset button on the back of the detector.

Pressing "RESET" at the back of the device will delete your previous measurement and begin a new one. This will ensure the measurement in the new location is not influenced by the measurements from the old location. 

If you want to remember the radon level in the old location before measuring in a new location, you will have to write it down somewhere, as pressing the reset button deletes all previous data. You can also download a radon report before resetting in order to get your long term average - Follow the instructions here and you will receive your radon report to your email inbox -

Please keep in mind that it will take between 6 - 24hrs to display the first reading, and 7 days before the device starts showing the 7-day averages after pressing the reset button.

Hint! There is no limit to how many times you can reset the device, but try to measure for at least 30 days in each location to obtain a reliable long term average reading.

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