(new) Airthings App: I don't see my device
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Are you not finding your monitor when attempting to pair it to your Airthings app? 🔍 No worries, we are here to help.

Before following the troubleshooting steps below: Is your device secondhand or approx. 1 year old? You may need to change the batteries. We always recommend using a good brand of alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries when doing a replacement. 🔋

Tried changing the batteries and that didn't resolve the issue? Below are additional troubleshooting steps. Please try to search for your monitor after each step.

  1. Ensure your app is up to date (Check the App or Play Store).

  2. Ensure your Bluetooth is enabled.

  3. Be within Bluetooth range of the device (you will need to be close for initial the initial search).

  4. Turn off your Bluetooth, and turn it on again.
    Turning off/on the Bluetooth MUST be done through Settings (not the pull-down menu). Go to Settings Bluetooth On/Off toggle.

  5. Ensure you have internet access (on your phone/tablet).

  6. Ensure your GPS/location is on (required for Android users)

  7. Try placing your phone on Airplane mode for several seconds, then take it off and try to sync again.

  8. Restart your app.

  9. Log out and log in to your app again.

  10. Restart your phone.

  11. Delete your app and reinstall the app again from the iTunes/ Play Store.

  12. Take out the batteries of the device and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, reinsert the batteries (Removing the batteries will cause data loss of the data that has not been synced. Please contact our Support team if you have concerns).

If your app still cannot find the device after attempting the above steps, Contact us using any of the options below:

  • Start chatting with us in the app (open Settings -> scroll down to support -> select "Contact")

  • Click the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page to start chatting with our support team :)

  • Or email us at support@airthings.com

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