Corentium Pro: Unable to connect to the app

This article will help you in case you are within a zone with no cellular connection or unable to connect to the app

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⚠️Here are simplified instructions for starting a test without the app or if you are in a zone with no cellular connectivity:

· Press and hold the round side button for 3 seconds.

· The unit will beep and flash all 3 colors briefly.

· This initiates a new manual test. When the app is operational again, you'll find the new test labeled as "UNNAMED."

· Select the test. Since the test was initiated without the app, you will need to enter the information manually (name, address, etc.) and proceed as usual.

🛠 If needed, use the truncate feature to adjust test duration. Please note that the unit continuously collects measurements (ALWAYS ON) and can serve as a backup in case of any issues.

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