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Airthings app: how do I use the Focus feature?
Airthings app: how do I use the Focus feature?

Focus feature in Airthings app showcase.

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With Airthings app versions iOS 1.0.6 and Android 1.0.7, we are introducing a new Focus feature!

The Focus feature will allow you to select up to 5 Focus(es) per monitor. Each Focus will have one or more contributing sensors. Below is the list of Focuses and the contributing sensor(s) per Focus.





Air Pressure


Each Focus relies on the data from the contributing sensor(s) to give you a good, fair, or poor rating in regard to your selected Focus(es).

You may be wondering, "How do I set up my Focus(es)?" No problem! Just follow the steps below :

Step 1.

Open your Airthings app and select the Focus eye icon next to your monitor.

Step 2.

Select the Focus(es) you wish to have for the monitor and select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3.

Tap your selected Focus from the main screen for insights as well as to see what sensors affect your selected Focus. In the example below, we can see that PM2.5 and CO2 are the sensors that impact the Productivity Focus. We not only show which sensors impact the Focus, we also provide educational material as to why/how these sensors make an impact.

Q and A regarding our new Focus feature :

Q: How many Focuses can I set per device?

A: You can select as many as you would like, but we recommend not setting too many to prevent a cluttered look.

Q: Can I remove a Focus?

A: Yes! Just select the focus eye icon next to your monitor to change or remove your Focus.

Q: I logged out and back in. Where are my Focuses?

A: When you log out of the app, you will need to re-select your Focus again.

Q: What does the dot next to my Focus mean?

A: The colored dot is an indicator of if your Focus is in the good, medium, or poor range based on the sensor values.

Q: Why is my Focus “greyed out”?

A: Your monitor does not have the sensor(s) required for the Focus you have selected.

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