Partner Portal: overview
Learn about the Partner Portal and what you can see /do there
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If you are an Airthings partner, you have access to the Airthings Partner Portal. This is your landing page to manage your customers. In this article, we give a short overview of what you can use the Partner Portal for.

Below you see the landing page of the Partner Portal:

  1. The menu on the left:

    1. Customers: Get an overview of your customer accounts

    2. Integrations: Get access to our integrations and developer documentation and set up the API to access your customer data using “user-authorization”.

    3. Account: Manage this partner account:

      1. Personal settings

      2. Rename your organization

      3. Upload the Company logo

      4. User Management for this account

  2. Partner Name: This is the account name. Click here to switch to a different account

  3. Company Logo: You can upload your own compamy logo in the account settings (1)

  4. Overview: Get an overview of your customer accounts

  5. Status: See the offline devices of your customers

  6. Download CSV: Download your customer list as a CSV

  7. Add a customer: Create a new account for a new customer.

  8. Branding: Activate your company logo in the dashboard of your customers

  9. Seats/Devices: Compare the subscriptions and active devices

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