(new) Airthings App: which app should I use for my monitors?
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In the iOS and Android app stores, there are currently 4 x Airthings apps available:

  • Airthings App (new!) - supports View monitors only for home/personal use

  • Airthings Wave App - supports all Airthings monitors for home/personal use

  • Airthings Pro - for Airthings for Business customers only

  • Corentium Pro - for radon professionals only

For consumer customers using Airthings products in their home/for personal use, you will select between 1. Airthings App and 2. Airthings Wave App depending on the products you have.

  1. Airthings App (new) - supports View monitors only

2. Airthings Wave App - supports View and Wave monitors (incl. Hub devices)

If you have a mix of monitors (View and Wave), we recommend using the Airthings Wave App. Wave monitors are not currently supported in the new Airthings App but we're working on implementing this in the future 🙌

NOTE: most articles in our Help Center refer to the Airthings Wave App - specific instructions for the new Airthings App can be found in the Airthings App section.

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