Wave: calibration period

How long does it take for my wave monitor to calibrate?

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The temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors are ready to go! However, the VOC and CO2 sensors need some time to calibrate, and the radon sensor needs to gather more measurements.

Why do I need 7 days to calibrate the VOC and CO2 sensors?

The CO2 and VOC sensors need 7 days to calibrate and gather enough data in order to adjust properly to their environment.

And what about radon?

We advise you to measure for at least 30 days, and ideally several months, before deciding whether any mitigation action is necessary. The radon sensor collects hourly air samples and is designed for long term measuring. This means the longer the measurement, the more data points, and the more accurate the long term average becomes. Read more here on how we measure radon and how to respond to your radon levels.

Remember! Temperature, humidity, air pressure, VOCs and CO2 are sampled every 5 minutes, while radon is sampled hourly as part of the rolling 24hr average.

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