🚨 Please Keep in Mind: Make sure that you are signed in to the correct Airthings for Business Dashboard account that you wish to unpair the device from

🚨 Also please note: If you wish to unpair your Monitor to a new Hub, first unpair your device and place it as close as possible to the Hub you wish to connect to.

💡 Feel free to take a look at our article on how to switch between multiple Dashboards (if applicable). https://help.airthings.com/en/articles/4752671-can-a-user-have-access-to-both-consumer-and-business-dashboard

First, from the Dashboard, please navigate to the menu on left hand side column ( Click on the “hamburger menu” (three lines at the top left corner) if you cant see the full menu,

Next, Click on the "hamburger menu" (three lines at the top left corner) to show the menu,

(Quick Tip💡 You can also just click on the "Building" Icon on the left hand side from your Dashboard and proceed to the next step.)

then, Click "Buildings",

then, Click on the "Building" you would like to unpair the device(s) from,

then, Click on "Devices",

then, Click on the Monitor (Sensor) you would like to unpair,

then, select "Settings",

lastly, scroll down and click "Unpair Device". Cheers! You have now successfully unpaired your device reached maximum awesomeness!

For questions or concerns,

please feel free to reach us at business-support@airthings.com and our Airthings support team will help you right away! 🙌🏼

I hope this helps, thank you!

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