View: FAQs about the View display

E-paper display, screen refreshing, ghosting, changing the configuration, screen flickering and more!

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  • What type of screen does the View have?

The View series screens are a Calm Tech e-paper display, similar to that of a Kindle.

  • Why does the screen refresh?

The display will update every 2.5 minutes, depending on the sensor sample interval and the sensors shown on the display. It will sometimes flicker completely to refresh itself to prevent "ghosting". Ghosting is an afterimage that remains on the screen anytime the screen changes. This screen refresh of the View is normal and does not mean your device is operating incorrectly.

  • Why does the screen stay on when I remove the batteries?

The Calm Tech e-paper display does not require power to show an image, hence, the long battery life 😀. If your View suddenly loses power, for example, if the USB connector is removed and there are no batteries in the compartment, then the display will simply keep displaying whatever image it had when loss of power occurred. The display will update as normal when power is restored to the product.

  • How do I change the configuration of the display?

Please follow the instructions for changing the configuration of the display here.

  • Why is my new configuration not showing on the display?

When you have changed the configuration of the screen, it can take up to 10 minutes for the View display to reflect the changes if using the Android app. If using iOS, the changes should occur after 1 minute on the display.

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