View: understanding the measurements

Understand your current measurements, measurement trends, black notification dots, color dots and more!

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When your View has been successfully set up, you will be able to view current measurements on the display of the View monitor and measurement trends in the app and online dashboard.

1. Current measurements

On the display:

You are able to configure 2 sensors to be shown on the display of your View monitor. The display will show the latest measurement taken for the relevant sensors:

If 1 of the sensors breaches a threshold (changes from "good" air quality to "fair" or "poor") black notification dots will appear at the top of the display to notify you of this:

Wave across the screen to see which sensors have breached the recommended levels. A yellow or red light will appear on your View to indicate whether the levels are "fair" or "poor". See here for sensor threshold information.

In the app:

Current measurements for all sensors are visible in the home screen of the View in the app:

This means that the values you see for each sensor above are the current measurements (the latest sample that was obtained by the sensors) if the monitor is "up to date".

In the dashboard:

The online dashboard is what we recommend for users who want to dig into more detail! You can access the dashboard in 2 ways:

  1. Select the "View in Web Dashboard" option from the Airthings App to see the mobile version of the dashboard. It shows your current measurements and you can scroll down to see measurement trends over different periods of time with timestamps.

  2. Access on a PC to get the full value out of the web dashboard. Here you can see current measurements, timestamps, past measurement segments, trends in air quality data over different periods of time, download your data, and customize your account.

2. Viewing Trends

In the app:

In the home screen of the app for View, you can click on any of the sensors to access the behavior of the sensors over particular periods of time. Averages are available over the following periods of time:

  • 48hr average

  • Week average

  • Month average

  • Year average

The graphs and averages in the app are intended to give you an indication of your levels - if you want more detail, access the web dashboard!

In the dashboard:

In the dashboard, you can select to view specific periods of time by choosing the dates from the calendar in the dashboard. The dashboard also provides the timestamps of samples taken by the monitor.

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