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View: understanding the sensor thresholds
View: understanding the sensor thresholds

What does the red light mean? How do I know if my air quality is good or poor? What does the black dot mean on the display?

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Good levels 🟢

If you wave across the display and all sensors are within "good" levels, you will see "Your Air is Good 😊" and a green light:

Fair 🟡 or Poor 🔴 levels

If a sensor breaches one of the thresholds below, you will see a black notification dot at the top of the display on your View monitor, indicating one or more sensors has entered into "average" or "poor" air quality levels:

Simply wave across the display to view which sensor has breached a threshold. A yellow or red light will show above the display to indicate whether levels are "fair" or "poor". If more than one sensor has average or poor levels, the screen will automatically cycle to show you the rest of the sensors.

NOTE: Temperature threshold breaches are not taken into consideration and do not influence the color of the View monitor. However, you will see a small color dot beside temperature in the app if the temperature is above or below the recommended threshold.

Sensor Thresholds

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