Wave Gen 1 App: My pollen levels
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We have introduced My pollen levels in the Airthings Wave Gen 1 App for all of our users, now you can track your pollen levels outdoors and optimize your air quality indoors for a healthy environment.

To enable this feature, simply update your Airthings Wave App to the latest version, check your App or Play Store to see if an update is available. You will then be able to see "My pollen levels" in the main menu of the app:

Visit our Pollen page to read more or check out our latest blog post with our five top tips to help with pollen allergies and hay fever: https://www.airthings.com/resources/top-five-tips-pollen

The allergy data is pulled from Breezometers pollen API and allows you to access this directly from your App 🎉 . Which is updated daily at 0900ISR time (GMT+3)

BreezoMeter organizes different pollen data sources to solve the lack of standardization in pollen emissions measurements and reporting.

The integrated algorithm includes:

  • Pollen counts from monitoring stations

  • Existing regional models

  • Proprietary pollen emission models

BreezoMeter’s novel approach uses:

  • Vegetation land cover data

  • Plant-typical values for pollen seasonality

  • Annual pollen production capacity

BreezoMeter’s pollen algorithm integrates numerous pollen data sources and models into a single, complete model, available via their pollen API.

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