No, but you will need to make some decisions. When we create the Airthings for Business "organization" in our system, you will be invited to make a user for that account by receiving an email from us. If the email address we send that invitation to is linked to an existing consumer account, it will be moved to the Business account, and it will no longer have access to the consumer devices because it's not possible to use consumer devices in the Business Dashboard.

If you would like to keep the measurements from the consumer devices you already have, you will have to make a separate user for the Business account with a different email address then the one you use for your consumer devices - so then you will have one consumer user with measurements from your consumer products and one Business user with access to all the new measurements for your Business devices. If you don't need to keep your existing measurements however, you can unpair the consumer devices from your consumer account, and we invite you to the Business account with that email address.

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